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Are you interested in creating and launching your own information product?

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Juggling & Jeff Walker PLF Live 2011


product launch formula 3 2 Here is an easy way to remember the most basic steps of a successful Product Launch.

The live evenconference was fantastic!

Thanks to Jeff Walker for creating the Product Launch Formula – it’s powerful beyond words.

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Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula (PLF) and John Reese on Mike Long


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From Product Launch Formula 1: Jeff Walker and John Reese speak out on Mike Long. Mike was the underground black ops launch specialist that the big boys snuck in the back door to make their launches successful. Mike started with his business partner David Mills working on a humble but successful Magic: the Gathering information training business and in a short period of time they built up the real world (internet world) skills to consult on the biggest launches.

Mike went on to work with people like Dave M and Andrew Fox on their online marketing launches behind the scenes leading up to bigger and bigger launches as time went on.

Mike worked behind the scenes on the Traffic Secrets Million Dollar Day (which is featured in this interview clip) and then on the original Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula launch managing, planning, strategy and copy. And from working on these two launches and a number of others Mike and David would go on to partner on the StomperNet launch and a number of other massive dollar launches that turned the online marketing world upside down totaling over $30,000,000 in launches!

Now in each case the people that Mike and David were working with on these launches had serious chops. They each had solid success in their own right and they were ALSO using their previous success to trade up!

Let me explain…

From humble beginnings to big dollars, this is a great case study for internet marketing 2.5, and starting small and then trading up quickly to massive success online!


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